— Ellie Broughton

I’m a writer and editor with seven years’ experience, based in London.

Since completing a Masters in journalism at City University in 2010, I have written for titles including:
The Daily Telegraph
Guardian Labs
Time Out
Refinery29 UK
Caught By The River
Elsewhere journal

I have previously worked for The Times, The Sunday Times and Pulse magazine, and this year I helped to compile and edit London’s Best Shops And Markets (Survival Books, 2016).

Interview subjects include BBC Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, Wallcreeper author Nell Zink, and Dr Gordon Gancz, a member of the NHS team who tackled the ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Specialisms include:
-GPs and general medicine
-CVD, mental health and cancer
-Health trends
-UK travel
-London travel, arts and ents
-European travel
-Travel photography
-Books, especially women’s fiction