— Ellie Broughton

I’m a writer and editor with seven years’ experience, based in London.

Since completing a Masters in journalism at City University in 2010, I have written for titles including:
The Daily Telegraph
Guardian Labs
Time Out
Refinery29 UK
The Independent
The Debrief
Caught By The River

Interview subjects include BBC Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, Wallcreeper author Nell Zink, and Dr Gordon Gancz, a member of the NHS team who tackled the ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

I have previously worked as a production journalist for The Times, The Sunday Times and The Independent, and this year I helped to compile and edit London’s Best Shops And Markets (Survival Books, 2016).

Before going freelance in 2015 I was the features editor for Pulse magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for GPs.

I specialise in writing and editing articles about:
-GPs and general medicine
-CVD, mental health and cancer
-Healthy diets
-Health trends
-Arts and entertainment
-Travel photography
-Books, especially women’s fiction

Outside of journalism, I have had short fiction published in anthologies and by online publications. I have also done short talks at the William Morris Gallery and a Romantic Misadventures event.