Cheap cinema tickets in London

Dying to see a new film but feeling skint? I’ve set up a list of cheap tickets for affordable cinemas in London.

It’s not all pub screenings and zone 3 cinemas – the big institutions are taking part too, but cinemagoers have be smart about what night they go out in town. Usually, a cinema’s most affordable tickets come up on Mondays and Tuesdays, when cinemas are less crowded.

But cheap cinemas tickets are up for grabs in central London as well as the ‘burbs, too. The BFI is the most central London cinema on the list, with the Barbican coming a close second for affordable film dates. Shout out to Peckham and Stratford for having London’s cheapest cinema tickets all week long, and to the £1 cinema tickets at the Prince Charles Cinema when you snaffle their £10 membership.There are also lots of great screenings in London’s pubs, and the Roxy Bar and Screen on Borough High Street gets a special mention for its regular weeknight screening events that usually come with a very cheap dinner option on side. The Compare The Market discount is a blinder, and if you join MUBI you can get a free cinema ticket every week. Sayonara, Netflix.

Know or run a cinema or film club with cheap tickets? I hope to update quarterly – if you have any screenings you want me to add, I’m on

Note that Picturehouse Cinemas are not currently featured on this resource; read why film fans have boycotted that business here.

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