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Spring is in the air, and for chocoholics that can only mean one thing. Easter eggs are inspired by the traditional symbolism of the egg as promising new life, but for anyone who’s started a new life as a vegan or is dairy intolerant, they can evoke sad memories of an easier life when you didn’t have to check ingredients lists before buying.

Luckily the dairy-free egg market gets stronger every year, and we found plenty of quality, tasty options to try.

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2017 started with a great opportunity for me – I covered travel stories for The Independent and one got a coveted spot on the homepage.

Kevin English, who has reviewed more than 400 reviews of airline food to date, told me why he’s so passionate about airline meals, and revealed his favourite so far (all 17 courses of it).

Duncan Welsh, the head of events at The View from The Shard, told me how he organised an improbable 154 private wedding proposals on the viewing platforms of Britain’s tallest building – and he claims a 100 per cent success rate. (He also told me about the time he built an igloo on the 72nd floor).

Dale Philip travelled to more than 50 countries after quitting his IT job to play poker full-time, winning up to £10,000 in a single month – he explained why he was now going to jack it in.

And Dr Mike Townend talked me through half a dozen ways a 16-hour flight wreaks havoc on your body – including the reason why some people get worse gas at altitude.

All those stories are here in The Independent’s Travel section.

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